Tour de Ladd

The 2021 Tour de Ladd has been postponed until further notice

2020 Event Details

Dates: October 24-31, 2020

The Abernethy PTA is excited to announce the 1st Virtual Tour de Ladd Move-a-thon. The Abernethy community has been coming together for 12 years to bring you Tour de Ladd. It has become a school legacy and is one of the few events that happens throughout the year that brings the entire school community together. This includes teachers, parents, volunteers, sponsors, and most importantly the students! Though we cannot ride next to each other this year, let’s come together to cheer for our kids as they get outside and MOVE!

All donations to Tour de Ladd are tax deductible. 100% of proceeds go to the Abernethy School PTA. These funds are used for extra instructional and library support, a literacy specialist, scholarships for aftercare and extracurricular activities for families in need, extra books and supplies in classrooms and so much more, both at Abernethy and at other schools around our district, via The Fund for PPS. Many of these PTA programs continue, even as we attend school remotely. Your gift ensures that our students will continue to have the best possible experience.

The Tour de Ladd Move-a-thon will run from October 24th through October 31st. Kids are encouraged to participate as often as they would like for the duration of the event. The goal is to log as many minutes as they can. Kids can bike, run, skate, scoot, hike, dance, jump rope, climb, MOVE! They are welcome to participate however they choose as long as they are having fun and moving. Kids will keep track of their minutes independently or with the help of their adult and log their total minutes completed below.

Though we can't all ride alongside each other this year, we can feel like we are - by completing some fun challenges and sharing our experiences.

Here are some exciting ways to participate:

The Clinton Climb!

SE Clinton Street is one of Portland’s oldest and most well-established bicycle boulevards. Clinton is a gradual uphill climb which you can safely ride from SE 12th all the way to SE 51st. Will you take on this challenge and complete the Clinton Climb?!

Don't forget to take photos of your participation and post with the hashtags



The Tower of Tabor!

Each Wednesday, Mount Tabor Park is closed to traffic, making it the perfect day for a bike ride or hike.

On Wednesday, October 28th, do you dare to conquer the Tower of Tabor?! You can enter the park at SE Salmon & 60th and ride or hike up to the summit.

Can you climb the endless stairs from the bottom of the mountain all the way to the top?! The entrance to the stairs can be found close to SE 69th & Yamhill.

Don't forget to take photos of your participation and post with the hashtags



The Speedy Springwater!

The Springwater Corridor is a bicycle and pedestrian rail to trail.

How speedy are you?! Ride, scoot, or run the stretch between the Tilikum and Sellwood Bridges. You’ll get a chance to see the new salmon-friendly habitat along Oaks Bottom, and maybe even see a deer or two.

Don't forget to take photos of your participation and post with the hashtags



Ring Around the Roses!

The south rose garden between Tamarack & 16th Avenues is part of the traditional Tour de Ladd course. This is a good option for some of our younger participants. See how many minutes you can ride, scoot, or run around this rose garden.

Don't forget to take photos of your participation and post with the hashtags



Costume Party!

The last day to participate in the Tour de Ladd Move-a-thon is Saturday, October 31st. Let’s end with a celebration in costume!

You can ride your bike while wearing your favorite costume!

Have fun!

Don't forget to take photos of your participation and post with the hashtags




  • Participation is voluntary; you do not need to donate to participate

  • Families are encouraged to participate together

  • If you choose to participate with others in your community, please practice safe social distancing

  • If you are a social media user, take photos and use hashtags so we can see all the different ways classmates and families are moving (please reference the hashtags noted in the event details above)

  • Most important of all: HAVE FUN & GET MOVING!


We have a great new system that we hope will bring in many more pledges and make it easier to collect them afterwards! Please register your kid at Pledgestar in order to take advantage of online pledging. If you have any trouble registering, please click on the “Help” button at the bottom of Pledgestar’s website and you will receive assistance! *If you have multiple children at Abernethy, please see instructions below:

Pledgestar is designed as a "Family Registration". You can register multiple kids into your Family Registration, which means all sponsors will only be able to pledge equal money to all the kids in the family. Pledgestar "doesn't let Grandma play favorites." So, if Grandma pledges a single amount - say $12 - it will get divided equally among the kids in the family: $6 each if there are two kids. If Grandma pledges $1 per lap on the Family page, then each kid will get credit for the laps they run. If Kristy runs 11 laps and Johnny runs 8, then Grandma pays $19 and Kristy will get credit for $11 and Johnny will get $8. Note that you can only load one photo, so you should load one photo of all the kids together.

If this equal treatment doesn't work for your family, you CAN register the kids on separate accounts. However, you will need to register kids with different emails for separate accounts. You can also use the old fashioned pledge sheets, which will be available in the main office. If you have any questions or difficulties registering multiple kids, please contact Ericka Morgan.

Log Your Minutes Here:


Please contact Ericka & Bill Morgan at