Mini Grants

The PTA’s mission is to advocate in the community and before governmental organizations on behalf of the education, health, safety, and well-being of all children in schools.

To further this mission, the PTA has brought back the Mini Grant program for a sixth year. This year we have $5,000 to fund projects and purchases proposed by faculty, students, staff, and school community members aimed at benefiting students at Abernethy Elementary. These small grants are intended to enrich student experience, deepen learning, and enhance or differentiate classroom instruction.

Funds were provided last year for:

  • African Drums for music instruction

  • Classroom equipment for sensory needs

  • New soccer goal nets

  • Updated libraries for all classrooms

  • Books for parents about difficult conversations

If you have an idea which you believe would benefit our Abernethy community, please let us know. Thank you for making Abernethy Elementary a great place to learn and grow.

On behalf of the volunteer Mini Grant Team,
Mark Lawson (Ori - 4th, Anderson)
Jessica Nabavizadeh (Essie - 4th, Day; Dara - 1st, Siri)

Application Process:

  • Complete online form below.

  • The deadline is Friday, November 11, 2022.

  • We will send you a confirmation email that your application was received.

  • The Mini Grant team and a member of the PTA committee will review all applications with the Principal to determine whether alternative funding sources already exist for the proposed project or purchase and help connect applicants to those funds.

  • The Mini Grant Committee will then consider the remaining applications and make decisions to award grant funds.

  • All applicants will be notified of decisions by November 30, 2022.

  • Mini Grant recipients will receive instructions on how to make their proposed purchase(s) or submit a request for reimbursements.

  • In the event that funds are not exhausted by January 2023, the Mini Grant team may consider additional requests.

  • During the school year, Mini Grant recipients may be asked to share their Mini Grant submission and experience at a monthly PTA meeting and/or in the Abernethy Announcements

Requesting a Check

If your Mini Grant request has been accepted, please submit a check request to fund your project. Here's how to complete your check request form:

Section 1: Nature of the Check Request

- Committee (This would be "Mini Grants")

- Person submitting request

- Reason

Section 2: Budget Information

- Budget Line Item to debit the expense (Mini Grants)

- Payment Amount

- Supporting Receipt (file upload)

- Approval from the Committee Chair (file upload) (A PDF of the approval email)

Section 3: Payee Information

- Payee Name

- Payee Address, City, State and Zip Code

Section 4: Special Instructions

- Check Memo

- Delivery Instructions

Email any questions or the completed application to