The 2022 Abernethy Carnival will take place 5:30-8pm on Friday, June 3, 2022.

Bracelet sales and volunteering opportunities are available on Konstella!


What is Carnival?

Carnival is a (fun)raiser, beloved school tradition, and celebration for Abernethy students and the wider community. Families can enjoy traditional carnival games and prizes, inflatable obstacle courses, musical cakes, face-painting, balloon animals, and a photo booth. Food trucks offer a selection of pizza, hot dogs, bento boxes, and shaved ice treats. A flat fee is charged for kids admission, which buys each participant a wristband and allows kids to move freely between games and activities all night long.

Do adults need a wristband?

Adults DO NOT need to purchase a wristband - we need you to supervise the games as a volunteer!

How do I buy a bracelet?

Bracelets can easily be purchased via credit or debit card on Konstella, or with cash or check in the school gazebo before and after school the week leading up to the event. You can show your email receipt on your mobile device (or printed out) to a carnival volunteer and pick up the bracelet at will call or the gazebo before and after school.

What if I need financial assistance?

We want everyone to enjoy carnival regardless of ability to pay!! Please contact counselor Jenny Morgan if you or someone you know is in need of financial assistance.

Does my carnival bracelet cover food?

In addition to unlimited games and activities, admission bracelets allow each participant one cotton candy, one popcorn, and one donut. Bracelets DO NOT cover food purchased from third-party vendors, such as Hot Lips Pizza or Shaved Ice. Bracelets also do not cover Fairy Sparkle hair services.

What happened to paper tickets?

In 2018 over 72,000 paper tickets were purchased and bundled by volunteers, and thousands of them needed to be manually counted after the event. In the interest of sustainability, simplicity, and efficiency, the carnival committee decided to discontinue the use of paper tickets.

Where do Carnival proceeds go?

Carnival's primary function is to bring our community together to celebrate; it is not a traditional fundraiser. The carnival committee does its best to price wristbands appropriately to cover expenses. Any proceeds go directly to the PTA general fund where they are used to enhance school programs.

How can I help make carnival a success?

Carnival is a true community event and relies heavily on parents and community participation. Consider volunteering to help set up, run a carnival game, bag up cotton candy, or sell bracelets. Signup is on Konstella, but registering to volunteer does not require non-users to sign up for Konstella.

If you aren’t able to volunteer, consider dropping off a store-bought cake or baked good for the VERY POPULAR musical cake walk. Donations are collected in the school office the day before and the day of the event.

For any other general questions, please contact carnival chair Jessica Mackie at: