2021-2022 Mission and Goals


The mission of the Advocacy Committee is to connect the Abernethy community with opportunities to:

  1. Advocate for improved state-level funding for public education.

  2. Support other local schools in meeting the needs of underserved populations.


  1. Create a resource and/or guide with opportunities to advocate for increasing state-level public education funding as well as supporting other schools with underserved populations.

  2. Host four community meetings to create awareness and discussion around our mission and goals.

  3. Invite guest speakers to inform the community of the issues facing equitable education.

Join us to Support Advocacy

We have four community meetings planned for the school year. These will be held virtually, not in person:


Opportunities for the Abernethy community to advocate for improved state-level funding for public education:

How Oregon public schools are funded:

  1. Local property taxes, bonds, and levies

  2. State income taxes

  3. Federal grants (Title I, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

Overview of parent-funded foundations in PPS

  • 2/3 remains at school where raised to pay for staffing

  • 1/3 goes into pooled Parent Fund, which is awarded based on data-driven formula

Source: Fund for PPS

Contact your Oregon State Legislators:

Use the following links to access email addresses, physical mailing addresses, and phone numbers for contacting legislators. Committee members change periodically.

  1. Who represents me? Legislator Lookup

  2. Senate Committee on Education & House Committee on Education - for policy changes of current moneys in the K-12 education budget

  3. Joint Committee on Ways & Means - Subcommittee on Education - for budgetary funding from the General Fund

Ideas for writing postcards/emails:

Choose/adapt one or more components from each section.


  • Dear Rep. / Sen. __________,


  • I am a [parent/family member] of a student in Portland Public Schools/Abernethy.

  • I am a voter in your district [for your own elected officials].


  • Please push for more funding for Oregon’s public schools so we can have smaller class sizes and more access to learning specialists.

  • Please increase school funding so that no Oregon children are left behind.

  • Please prioritize hiring more teachers for our schools.

Supporting arguments:

  • The average student to teacher classroom ratio in Oregon is above the national average: 19.4 students per teacher compared to the national average of 16.0 students per teacher (in 2018-19).

  • Smaller class sizes increase student success.

  • Our public schools rely on state general funds to set hiring plans. Districts can hire more staff when they know they have the support of lawmakers.

  • This is an equity issue that impacts all of us, across party lines and throughout the state.

  • Oregon’s funding lags behind most other states.

  • Our kids deserve better than 30:1 in a classroom.

  • [You can add a personal example of why school funding is important to you and your family.]


  • Thank you for your public service.

  • Thank you for serving on the __________ Committee.

  • Sincerely, Name [optional - address if you live in their district]

Questions? Email:

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.

- Cesar Chavez, United Farm Workers