Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Abernethy PTA DEI Committee

PTA Meetings and Shared Community Agreements

We follow the Step Up. Step Back meeting facilitation. Through these shared agreements, we create a safe space for everyone to share.

Step Back, Step Up

  • If you are an extrovert, measure how much space you are taking up during a meeting. If you find yourself talking too much, Step Back.

  • If you are an introvert and you often wait to speak, we want to hear from you, Step Up.

  • We will make our best effort to step up/step back and respect all voices during meetings. In doing so, we will progressively stack the speaker queue to give community members whose voices have not been heard an opportunity to speak.

  • We recognize that there is no “quick fix”, to-do list, or solution to the complex problems posed by DEI. We are not going to solve many of these issues within our organization, or even within the group present. Therefore, we must commit to an ongoing dialogue and a journey of growth together.

  • To support each other in our risk-taking we agree to respect the privacy of each individual’s identity and life experiences. We can share our own learning, but not the names and stories of others.

  • Disagree with the idea but not the person.

How the Abernethy PTA defines Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

  • DIVERSITY is representation of, and respect for, people from different backgrounds and identities.

  • INCLUSION is actions, behaviors and social norms that ensure all people feel they are safe, welcomed and that they belong.

  • EQUITY provides fairness in resources, opportunities and outcomes so that all communities get what they need to be engaged and successful.

What is an Equity Lens?: Equity lens means that for any program, practice, decision, or action, the impact on all students is addressed, with strategic focus on marginalized student groups.

How the PTA DEI Committee supports the PTA mission:

PTA Mission:

It is our mission to enrich our children’s educational experience through PTA programs, events, and classroom support.

The PTA Equity and Inclusion Committee supports the PTA mission by facilitating a community culture where diversity, equity and inclusion are respected and valued by implementing thoughtful, practical and iterative resources and community engagement.

Recommended reading:

Abernethy Elementary librarian and all around superstar, Quinn Sanford, has put together a list of recommended reading for K-5 students. You can find that list here.

Parent Resource Library:

Did you know that the Abernethy School Library has a racial justice parent resource library purchased through PTA Mini Grants? These books are available for check out:

  • White Awareness

  • Waking up White

  • White Rage

  • Tears We Cannot Stop

  • Skin That We Speak

  • Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria

  • White Like Me

  • The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace

  • Ain’t I a Woman

  • The New Jim Crow

  • Black Stats

  • Race Matters

  • Slavery By Another Name

  • Race, Whiteness and Education

  • Racism Without Racists

  • The First R

  • Raising White Kids

  • So You Want To Talk About Race

  • How To Be An Antiracist

  • Becoming Kareem

Online Resources (more to come)

OHA Care in Your Community

How our community can participate in our DEI mission:

  • Come to a PTA DEI meeting. Dates TBD

  • Read with your kids from our books of recommended reading and discuss how these topics impact your family and our community.

  • Start a book club. Use one of the books in our recommended reading or pick one that speaks to you. Get together with other families in our community and discuss how this reading impacted your view of diversity, equity and inclusion. If you think there is a book that should be on our list, let us know; we’re happy to add it.

  • Gather with other families or neighbors and volunteer. See our list of family-friendly and age appropriate volunteer opportunities.

  • See our list of online resources for your personal journey. Take the time to contemplate what this means to you. Get together with our community to open discussions.

  • Connect with your room parent about peer playdates and support.

  • Get involved in your child’s schooling.

  • Abernethy has lots of volunteer opportunities. See our volunteer page for more information.

Ways Our Community Can Give Back:

Portland is full of ways families can give to communities in need. Many local organizations are family-friendly and appropriate for kids K-5. See our recommendations of organizations that work to support our communities in need. Don’t see your favorite organization on this list? Let us know and we will add them.

Kid Friendly Volunteering:

The work our teachers and staff are doing:

PPS Forward Together

Zaretta Hammond

Kelso Wheel

Work PPS is doing:

Racial Equity and Social Justice Lens

Racial Educational Equity Policy

PPS RESJ Framework and Plan

PTA Advocacy Committee

Interested in learning how you can advocate for equitable education opportunities for all students? Visit the PTA Advocacy page to learn more or contact advocacy@supportabernethy.org