PTA Treasurer

Corrie Ragaway:

Fiduciary responsibility is assumed by all Officers and Committee Chairs of the Abernethy PTA. The FY22 Budget is linked below and includes expense line items and the direct overseeing Officer/ Committee Chair. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Abernethy PTA Treasurer Duties and Desk Manual
Oregon PTA Leader's Manual
Oregon PTA - Treasurer Resources

The FY23-24 Budget is approved by the Abernethy PTA members as a fundraising goal for the year. Budget adjustments to increase total expenditures mean that more income must be raised. Increases to the the total expenditures are only approved by a Membership vote at a Community Meeting. Budget reallocations of expenditures can be approved by a Board vote either at a Board Meeting or via electronic platform between meetings.

Officers/Committee Chairs with proposals to increase expenditures of the Abernethy PTA should submit a formal request to the Executive Committee for consideration. Please complete the PTA Funding Request form and email to the PTA Treasurer.

The Executive Committee will consider the request and perform one of the following options:

1) Consider the circumstances and request that the Committee adhere to the approved expenditure budget line item.
2) Propose a Board Vote to reallocate funds from another expense line item (Limited to 10% of fundraising goal)
3) Propose a Membership Vote to increase the expenditure line item thereby increasing the total fundraising goal for the PTA.


  FY24 Forecasted Revenue and Approved Expenditures


as of May 13, 2023
as of March 16, 2023




As a member of a local PTA/PTSA unit executive committee/board it is your responsibility to make sure the local unit is operating in a fiscally sound manner. This is not only a requirement of the bylaws, but, in fact, is also demanded by state and federal laws. This is known as fiduciary responsibility. You are legally obligated to conduct yourself in a manner which protects and preserves the association. If a member of the local board fails to exercise proper and reasonable caution, he or she is open to potential personal liability for financial losses or mismanagement. All board members and others handling the money at events, fundraisers, etc., should know and understand the financial practices and procedures of your unit and as prescribed in the Oregon PTA leader's Manual (see the Financial Essentials Chapter) and in your standing rules. If at anytime you suspect something is not right with your unit finances, contact the Oregon PTA State office or Oregon PTA Treasurer immediately.