The Abernethy PTA uses Konstella for room parent, event, committee, volunteer, and PTA communications.

Please see our explainer below. Still have questions? Email us at konstella@supportabernethy.org

What is Konstella?

Konstella is a highly intuitive web- and app-based platform developed by and for PTA parents to streamline communication and increase engagement within school communities. It is used throughout the country and comes highly recommended by several neighboring Portland PTAs, including Woodstock Elementary and Laurelhurst Elementary. Among its many useful features:

For a more complete list of features, see Konstella's official website.

Getting Started

If you have not received an invite from your classroom leads, please click here to enroll:

Access Konstella on the web

Download the Konstella App

Join a Room

Signing up for Konstella is a one-time event - there's no need to enroll again in the fall. Each year, once you learn your child's classroom assignment, please place them in their respective classroom. Here's how:

Web:  Click your name in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children" to add/modify your children and then Join Classroom

Mobile App:  Settings icon - Your Children

Join a Committee

Web: Click the green "Committees" link on the left-hand menu to browse all committees. Click on a committee and sign up or remove yourself.

Mobile App: Directory - Browse Committees

Send a Message to a Group

Web: The left-hand menu shows all the groups you are in.  Click the group, type in the text area to post a message. Or, click the "+" sign next to “Private Messages” to create a new group.

Mobile App: The "Messages" tab at the bottom shows all the groups you are in. Click any group to send messages. Or, click the "Send / Join" button at the top right corner to create a new private message group.

Send a Message to an Individual or Individuals

Web: Click the "+" sign next to the "Messages" label on the left-hand menu.

Mobile App: On the “Messages” tab, click the "Send / Join" button at the top right corner.  Choose "Send Private Messages"

Privacy & Notifications Settings

With Konstella, you have control over your privacy and whether you share your personal information (email, home address, phone number, photos of your children) with other parents.

You also have control over how often you interact with Konstella - you may choose between push notifications, immediate emails, daily emails, weekly emails, a combination of those, or nothing at all.

To make changes:

Web: Your Name - Account Settings - Privacy

Mobile App: Settings Icon - Privacy Settings

Web: Your Name - Account Settings - Notifications

Mobile App: Settings Icon - Notifications

Social Groups

User-created Social Groups are a great way for families to connect with each other on Konstella to discuss common interests (ie. extracurriculars, camps, hobbies, sports, activism). Within these groups, users may create events, announcements, and signups, send text messages, and share files and photos.

Here’s how to join or create a new social group:

Sync Your Calendar

A popular feature of Konstella is its integrated calendar containing all of the classroom and school-wide events that are relevant to you. No more entering dates into your personal calendar by hand - you can sync from Konstella and get updates as they occur. Similarly, you can choose to sync your "participation" calendar, including any events or volunteer positions that you sign up for. Sync once and you'll stay up to date all year long.

Web: Click Abernethy Elementary School from the main menu, click Calendar, and then click "Sync to My Calendar" on the right:

App: From your main feed, tap Calendar and then tap Sync just to the right of the month name. Note that if you are a Google calendar user on an iPhone, you cannot choose to sync to a Google calendar. Please use the web version in this situation.

User Guides & Videos

The following user guides and YouTube videos have been produced by Konstella. Please consult them for anything not covered on this page, or for more in-depth explanations of features:

Konstella's Privacy Policy

The Abernethy PTA respects your privacy and has chosen Konstella as its communication platform because:

For more information, please see Konstella's full terms and privacy policy.