Fun(d) Run

Abernethy FUN RUN : Wednesday April 15th, 2020

What is the Fun Run?

The Fun Run is a jog-a-thon style fundraiser held during school hours on Wednesday, April 10th. Students run around the school grounds on a ¼ mile paved course for 30 minutes. There’s music, balloons and loads of encouragement around the course. It’s surprising how many laps these kids can run! Kindergartners average about 8 laps and 5th graders average about 10. Each lap is counted by a volunteer at the start line.

What are donations used for?

100% of proceeds go to the Abernethy School PTA. Our contributions help to pay for the things that make Abernethy a great place to grow, including additional classroom teachers, instructional support, library staff, professional development, classroom libraries and teacher mini grants at Abernethy and at other schools around our district, via Portland Public Schools' All Hands Raised foundation.

How do we collect online pledges?

Visit . The site is pretty intuitive, but click “help” if you have any trouble getting started. Pledges can come as single donations or a certain dollar amount per lap. For multiple kids, see the Event Info page. This personalized online system allows for long-distance relatives to easily participate, negates the need for cash/check collection, and the site automatically notifies donors of Fun Run results and requests payments.

What if we prefer to collect checks/cash?

No sweat. If you’d prefer to ask for pledges in person and collect cash/check donations, feel free. Pledge sheets were distributed home, just in case. Extras are available in the school office. Again, pledges can come as single donations or by pledging a certain dollar amount per lap. No need to return these sheets- they are simply for your reference. All cash/check donations should be delivered to our school office by Friday, May 1st.

How can I help?

So sweet of you to ask! This event requires a good number of parent volunteers to run smoothly. Please visit and sign up for a shift. Most shifts only last about 30-45 minutes on the day of the Fun Run. It’s a great way to get involved and watch your kiddo run.