Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal is a direct-giving campaign that runs November 8 - December 3, 2021. It is Abernethy’s most critical fundraiser!

Community fundraising ensures many valuable resources and programs for our students and teachers, both at Abernethy and other schools around the district via the PPS Fund. Your donation helps to fund extra instructional and library support, a literacy specialist, scholarships for aftercare and extracurricular activities for families in need, extra books and supplies in classrooms, and so much more.

How to Participate:

Complete a brief survey!

Whether you donate at this time or not, we are seeking 100% response rate from Abernethy families. Every family who completes this Google Form will have the option to receive a Chinook Book digital subscription compliments of the Abernethy PTA, a $16 value! There will also be prize drawings for participants throughout the Appeal!

Please give as generously as you can

Every donation is valuable. You can make a secure online donation at Mighty Cause. You can also return a check made out to “Abernethy PTA” with your student or by mail to the Abernethy office (2421 SE Orange Ave, Portland, OR 97214). Please ensure “Annual Appeal” is clearly marked on the envelope or check.

Consider ways to make your donation go farther

  • Make it monthly by setting up a recurring contribution to donate more over the course of the year. Donating $80 per month for the remainder of the school year helps to meet the per student fundraising goal!

  • Please ask if your employer offers donation matching. Many employers, both small and large, match employee charitable donations. For more information, go to our corporate matching page.

  • Grandparents and other extended family members of Abernethy students are also often happy to give, especially around the holidays.

Please contact

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do my dollars go?

Our contributions help pay for the things that enrich Abernethy, including:

  • Student Aid

  • Community Mini-Grants

  • Technology and Workspace Support for Teachers during Distance Learning

  • Instructional Support for Literacy

  • Professional Development

  • Classroom Libraries

  • Classroom and Recess Materials

What is the PTA’s fundraising goal?

To help meet the PTA’s 2021-22 fundraising goals, the aim is to raise about $650 per student. This is consistent with years past, and helps to ensure continued programs and resources that support our teachers and students. And since we can’t count on a big, indoor gathering like the Auction this year, we are leaning on the Annual Appeal to be the PTA’s largest fundraiser for this school year. The Annual Appeal + Auction goal is $195,000, which is most of the overall fundraising goal for the school year.

How much should I donate?

We are asking families to give as they are able, while also acknowledging that many programs simply will not happen without our donations and that members of our community are experiencing increased need.

If your family is in a position to donate the suggested amount of $650 per student, or more, please do so! If making a large sum donation is difficult, consider making a recurring, monthly donation to give more over the course of the year. Or give a donation at whatever level you feel most comfortable with. Every dollar counts towards providing resources for our school community!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! The Abernethy PTA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Tax ID and related information you will need to claim a deduction for a charitable donation will be included in your confirmation email (if you donate online) or letter (if you donate by check).

In 2021, the Internal Revenue Service expanded tax benefits to help individuals and businesses give to charity during 2021, including deductions up to $600 becoming available for cash donations by non-itemizers. It is worth checking updates on or consulting with your tax professional to see how you may be able to take advantage of the tax benefits.

What if I can't donate at this time – do I still respond to the survey?

Yes! While we hope as many families as possible will donate, we understand some may not be able to. We define 100% participation in the Annual Appeal to mean that all families respond, not that all donate.

Why are there fees on the Mighty Cause platform?

Fundraising platforms have fees associated with them, including many popular ones like Go Fund Me. When the PTA chose Mighty Cause as the platform for the Appeal, it was determined that the fees are in line with other options out there. With Mighty Cause, you have the option to pay the fees on top of your donation, or have them deducted from your donation. We, of course, hope you’ll opt to pay the fees so Abernethy gets your full donation.

Do I have to donate online?

No, although we do recommend it. Donating online is secure and easy, provides an automated receipt for your tax records, and allows you to set up a recurring donation. Monthly recurring donations are a great way to donate more over the course of the school year; e.g. an $80 per month donation meets the per student fundraising goal!

If you prefer, you can write a check, made out to "Abernethy PTA" and return it either with your student or by mail to the Abernethy office (2421 SE Orange Ave, Portland, OR 97214). Donating by check does avoid the fees that come along with fundraising platforms, helping your donation go farther for Abernethy.

Can I make a donation from my mobile device?

Yes. Mighty Cause is mobile-friendly, and many people have donated successfully by accessing the Mighty Cause website right from their smartphone or tablet.

Have other questions? Please contact