Register your student by Wednesday, September 27

You must register students individually for this event if they wish to participate. If your child does not want to participate they can support classmates with teachers and parents in the cheering section during the event.


Participation: All students who would like to participate must register for the event. Those that don't will hang out with teachers and parents in the cheering section.

The Ride: Students can ride bikes (with or without training wheels) or scooters. Skateboards are not allowed. Ride time is 10 minutes for Kindergarten, 15 minutes for 1st–2nd Graders, and 20 minutes for 3rd–5th Graders on the 0.4 mile course around the South Rose Garden and neighborhood streets blocked off to traffic.

Helmets: All students are required to wear a helmet. Reduced price/free helmets will be offered prior to the event by Legacy Health System.

Bikes & Scooters: They will be stored in the covered basketball courts (monitored by volunteers) before and after the event until 3:15. If your student is in an after school program their bike or scooter will be brought inside the school at the end of the day.

Safety: Absolutely no racing or unsafe behavior will be tolerated. Experienced course marshals will be riding and monitoring safety. Unsafe riding will result in the rider being removed from the course immediately.

Parents: Sorry, no riding with your kids but please come and cheer them on!


Parking: All streets on and around the course will be closed to traffic. Drop-off and parking on the west side of the school is best.

Please contact Hanna Nesper Newell at