Tour de Ladd Event Info

Everything you need to know about Tour de Ladd!

2019 RIDE SCHEDULE (updated)

Kindergartners ride for 10 minutes, 1st through 2nd graders ride for 15 minutes and 3rd through 5th graders ride for 20 minutes. Most students complete 8-12 laps on average.

9:05 – 9:15   Kindergarten group 1 - Adamski and Brown
9:259:35   Kindergarten group 2 -  Edenstrom 
9:4510:00   1st grade and Bielman
10:1010:30   4th grade
10:4011:00   3rd grade  
11:1011:30   5th grade
11:4012:00   2nd grade 



All students who would like to ride must complete a liability waiver for the event (click on Waiver link above!). Those that don't will support classmates with teachers and parents in the cheering section. Sorry parents, no riding with your kids but please come and cheer them on!


We have a great new system this year that we hope will bring in many more pledges and make it easier to collect those pledges afterwards!  Please register your kid on this online pledging site: in order to take advantage of online pledging. If you have any trouble registering, please click on the “Help” button on Pledgestar’s website and you will receive help! *If you have multiple children at Abernethy, please see notes below about registering multiple children!


The Tour de Ladd is a beloved, heart-warming Abernethy tradition. If you have not yet witnessed this event, don’t miss your chance! A great way to get close to the action is to volunteer for one of the many positions we must fill in order to keep the event safe and fun. We need many, many hands-on-deck, so please consider taking on one of the following positions:

  • Stickers and helmet checkers
  • Barricade watch
  • Bike corral (monitors and a few who can help with basic bike repair)
  • Runners (escort classes to corral and course)
  • Lap counters

Click on this link to find the right volunteer spot for you!


Properly fitted helmets are required. All students should bring their helmets to their classroom where they will be checked for proper fit and receive a number so volunteers can keep track of the number of laps they ride. Please label helmets with your student's name and teacher.

If your child needs a helmet, reduced price/free helmets will be available from Legacy Health System. We will have helmet sales and free fittings after school on September 27th.  If you need a helmet but are unable to be at school at that time, please contact Carrie Richardson.


Only bikes (with or without training wheels) and scooters will be allowed on the course. Sorry, no skateboards. The spirit of the event is for students to complete as many laps as possible under their own power, therefore any electric/motor assisted bicycles or scooters will not be allowed.

Bikes and scooters should be labeled with your student's name and teacher and brought to the covered basketball court in the morning where they will be stored by grade before and after your student's ride session. No need to bring a lock – the bike corral will be monitored by volunteers until 3:15. Bikes and scooters belonging to students in after school programs at Abernethy will be brought inside at the end of the school day. Abernethy is not responsible for bikes left unattended after 3:15.


Absolutely no racing or unsafe riding will be tolerated! Experienced course marshals will be monitoring safety. Riders who pose a hazard to others will be removed from the course immediately.


The Tour de Ladd loop will begin at Abernethy Elementary School at the intersection of SE Orange and Birch streets, proceed up SE Orange around the South Rose Garden, on to SE Tamarack and return to the school via SE Hickory. Kindergarteners will ride a shorter loop around the South Rose Garden.


The streets around the South Rose Garden and near the school will be completely closed to all traffic. Volunteers will be stationed at each intersection to help with traffic control. Please do not park on any part of the course if you drive to school the morning of the event. Streets off limits include Birch, Hickory and portions of Orange and Tamarack as well as the alley between Hickory and Tamarack. Please use Elliott if possible when you are dropping off your student in the morning.

*Registering Multiple Children in Pledgestar:

Pledgestar is designed as a "Family Registration". You can register multiple kids into your Family Registration and this means that all the sponsors will only be able to pledge equal money to all the kids in the family.  Pledgestar "doesn't let Grandma play favorites".  So if Grandma pledges a single amount, say $12, it will get divided equally among the kids in the family: $6 each if there are two kids.  If Grandma pledges $1 per lap on the Family page, then each kid will get credit for the laps they run. If Kristy runs 11 laps and Johnny runs 8, then Grandma pays $19 and Kristy will get credit for $11 and Johnny will get $8.  Note that you can only load one photo, so you should load one photo of all the kids together.

If this equal treatment doesn't work for your family, you CAN register the kids on separate accounts.  However, you will need to register kids with different emails for separate accounts. You can also use the old fashioned pledge sheets that will be available in the office.  If you have any questions or difficulties registering multiple kids, please contact Carrie Richardson.


Please contact Carrie Richardson at