PTA Board Positions


The Abernethy PTA Board is composed of elected Officers and Standing Committee Chairs. All Board members contribute to the PTA and may debate items brought up for discussion, however only elected officers vote on board items. The term length of each elected officer position is defined within the PTA Standing Rules and ranges from 1-3 years, with opportunities to serve up to 2 terms in any position. Standing Committee Chairs generally serve for 2 years (one year to learn and one to lead), but may serve longer.  

The PTA Board meets once per month. Board meetings are held just prior to community meetings when possible, usually the third Thursday of the month at 6pm. Please consult the school calendar for specifics, or the agendas and minutes page.. Elected officers must attend a majority of board meetings, while standing committee chairs will attend the meetings leading up to and following their events, as well as any others they would like.


Below is a listing of open officer and committee chair positions with general job descriptions. Please submit nominations to for yourself or others, though please only nominate members with their consent. Nominations must be made by the 2nd Monday of May. Elections for officers will be held at the May Community Meeting- those nominated members running unopposed will be voted in, while those running for contested positions will have the opportunity to speak at the meeting before the vote. Nominees for Standing Committee Chairs will be confirmed by the PTA Board by the May Board meeting.

Do you want to participate, but can’t take on a whole position by yourself? No problem! Many positions/committees either have other volunteers who assist with duties or 2-3 people share the responsibility of the Chair or Officer role. So grab a friend and submit your nomination!

Each new board member(s) will have opportunities to meet with the current board member(s) to transfer knowledge and materials to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible!

See the full listing of PTA Board Positions here.

Position Descriptions

Annual Appeal
Major Fall fundraiser, currently chaired by 2 people:

  • Prepares materials to be sent home with each child, gathers in-kind donations for incentive prizes, updates Support Abernethy website, assembles a volunteer team, and communicates to the community in advance of the drive.
  • Leads the Annual Appeal drive over several weeks by coordinating the daily collection of donations, tracking progress, and regularly communicating with families to encourage participation.
  • Reports to the board donation amounts by grade/class, submits donations to the Finance Team and follows up with individuals who have pledged donations but have not yet submitted them.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who want to make a significant impact on the financial viability of Abernethy’s programs. While the Annual Appeal is demanding of time, it is only for a concentrated period of time in the fall. If volunteers are assembled to pick up daily donations from school, this event can be managed remotely.

Harvest Social
Fall community event closely associated with the School Kitchen Garden program:

  • Works with SKG and PTA Board to schedule and create the theme/vision for the Fall SKG event.
  • Plans event activities and coordinates volunteers during the planning stage and the day of the event.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who like to plan a party, feel passionately about our school’s garden program, and are available near the beginning of the school year (Sept/Oct)  to coordinate this event.

Year round before-school program:

  • Coordinates team of parent volunteers to run the in-house before-school Spanish program. The volunteer team includes: Treasurer, Communications, Human Resources/Teacher Liaison, and Registrar. Alternatively, the chair/co-chairs could coordinate an outside vendor to deliver the Spanish program at school.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who would like to continue the tradition of year-round early Spanish education at Abernethy.

Garden Afterschool Program
Year-round after school program currently chaired by 2 people:

  • Liaises with afterschool vendor, afterschool teachers and daytime Garden Specialist to ensure the program is running smoothly and meeting the needs of the school.
  • Handles registration, enrollment changes and any issues or parent inquiries for the program.
  • Coordinates with the Finance Team and other PTA Officers for accurate financial projections and tracking.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who are passionate about the garden program at Abernethy and excited by providing a valuable service to our community.

Grounds Coordinator

  • Works with SKG, Garden Instructor and school administration to ensure our school grounds look great and provide a healthy environment for our kids. This includes the maintenance of the Garden of Wonders, Native Garden, Playground and other planting areas surrounding the school.
  • Coordinates periodic garden/grounds clean up days for community participation.
  • Coordinates “Adopt-A-Plot” program to assign volunteers to specific areas of the school grounds for on-going maintenance.
  • May write proposals for grants to procure funds to assist with ground maintenance and/or improvements.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who take pride in how our little school under the elms looks and can assist with at least 2 community weekend events each year.


Vice President, Term: 1 year as VP, transitioning to Co-President for 2 years

  • Assists Co-Presidents with PTA tasks and activities. Fills in for Co-Presidents as needed.
  • Participates in monthly meetings with Co-Presidents and Principal, Community Meetings and PTA Board Meetings.
  • Learns and prepares for transition in the following year to Co-President role.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person who can commit to 3 years on the PTA Board. The majority of the work for this position is done outside of the school/work day.

Secretary, Term: 1 year

  • Prepares agendas for monthly Board and Community Meetings, records the meeting minutes for our PTA file and posts minutes online for the community.
  • Researches and stays up to date on PTA organization rules for meeting conduct and other procedures (e.g. budget amendments, elections, etc.).
  • Monitors and, as needed, moderates the Abernethy School Yahoo listserv. Updates PTA Board listserv and groups.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who want to help the PTA run smoothly and can commit to attending up to 2 meetings per month; additional work outside of monthly meeting times is limited.

Finance Team: Treasurer, Term: 1 year

  • Responsible for reconciling bank statements, PTA Quickbooks ledger, Shopify Website commerce, and other accounts payable/receivable sources to keep an accurate monthly Profit & Loss statement for the PTA Board.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person who would like to play a key role in keeping PTA finances clear so critical school programs are maintained and fundraising goals are met.  The person filling this role should be comfortable with basic accounting principles and available to complete the monthly reconciliations for the multiple PTA revenue streams.

Note: The Finance Team shares 1 vote on the board.

Finance Team: Deposits, Term: 1 year

  • Responsible for gathering cash and checks from the PTA Inbox and/or Officers and depositing those funds into the PTA account.
  • Ensures deposited funds are accounted for and managed appropriately.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person who is responsible and comfortable working with money.  The majority of this job can be done outside of the school day, however, periodic visits to the school office are required to pick up deposits.

Note: The Finance Team shares 1 vote on the board.

Finance Team: Check Writing, Term: 1 year

  • Responsible for generating payments to PTA & Spanish Program vendors, suppliers, and reimbursements.
  • Write paychecks for Spanish teachers monthly (7-9 checks).
  • After writing checks, meet with PTA Co-President for approval and signature.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person who is responsible and comfortable working with money (no cash). The majority of this job can be done outside of the school day, however, weekly visits to the school office are necessary to pick up reimbursement forms and invoices.

Note: The Finance Team shares 1 vote on the board.

Communications (currently chaired by 2 people), Term: 1 year

  • Coordinates volunteers for all PTA communication efforts including: Monday Mailer, Facebook, Twitter, and PTA Digest.
  • Accepts information for and produces the Monday Mailer in Mailchimp weekly.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person who likes to learn new skills and work with multiple people to spread the word!  Most, if not all, of this role can be done remotely, so if you’d like to be involved, but can’t make it to school this could be for you! There is a continuing co-chair currently responsible for the PTA Digest, so the team is ready to help a new lead get started.

Volunteer Coordinator (currently chaired by 2 people), Term: 2 years

  • Circulate room parent and volunteer questionnaires at the beginning of school to create a database of community members who are interested in volunteering for specific activities.
  • Coordinate volunteers for school-wide events such as picture day and hearing/vision screenings, as well as on-going school activities like lunch room assistants and tray washers.
  • Maintain room parent distribution list for PTA Board communication efforts.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who like to work with multiple people in our school community to make things happen! The ability to participate in school day activities is necessary for this position.

School Kitchen Garden (currently chaired by 2 people), Term: 1 year

  • Works with the key stakeholders of our school’s SKG program, including the daytime Garden Specialist, Abernethy Staff and administration, Cafeteria Lead, Garden Afterschool Committee Chair, Grounds Coordinator and community members and parents, to ensure the SKG program is thriving and meeting the needs of the school community.
  • Organizes volunteer committee and community members to maintain this robust program. Key committee members include Harvest of the Month Coordinator, who coordinates with the Garden Specialist and local farms and businesses to procure and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables for students to try during garden class, and SKG Communications volunteer, who updates the Garden of Wonders website and social media.
  • Plans/coordinates events and enrichment opportunities centered around Abernethy’s Garden of Wonders and Garden classes.
  • Hosts/Coordinates periodic meetings for committee members to give updates, plan activities and resolve challenges.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who are passionate about the potential of our school’s Kitchen-Garden program and would like to help maintain and improve it.

Membership, Term: 2 years

  • Prepares membership materials (hard copies and online) in advance of school starting.
  • Encourages community members to join the PTA.
  • Gathers completed membership forms and dues and submits a membership roster to the Oregon PTA online. Coordinates submission of dues to the Oregon PTA with the Finance Team.
  • Distributes Chinook Books and Apps along with membership cards to new members.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… A person or people who like to meet new people and believes in the PTA! While new members can join the PTA all year, the majority of membership work is concentrated at the beginning of the school year.