Library Wishlist

Please consider purchasing books for our library. Buy directly from Powells via the links below and have them shipped to the school when you check out. Please select the hardcover new option if available when purchasing for the library. Thank you for your donation!

Abernethy School Library
2421 SE Orange Avenue  
Portland, Oregon 97214

   365 Penguins – by Jean-Luc Fromental   


   Magic Tree House #52 Soccer on Sunday – by Mary Pope Osborne    


   Magic Tree House #20 Dingoes at Dinnertime – by Mary Pope Osborne   


   How Big is a Foot – by Rolf Myler    


   Bone 1 Out from Boneville – by Jeff Smith


   Bone 2 The Great Cow Race – by Jeff Smith 


   Bone 3 Eye of the Storm – by Jeff Smith 


   Bone 4 Dragonslayer – by Jeff Smith 


   Bone 5 Rockjaw Master of the Eastern Border – by Jeff Smith 


   Bone 6 Old Mans Cave – by Jeff Smith 


   Bone 7 Ghost Circles – by Jeff Smith


   Bone 8 Treasure Hunters – by Jeff Smith 


   Bone 9 Crown of Horns – by Jeff Smith


   Bone Prequel Rose – by Jeff Smith


   Secrets of Droon Magic Escapes – by Tony Abbott


   My Daddy is a Pretzel – by Baron Baptiste 


   The Girl with the Silver Eyes – by Willo Davis Roberts 


   The Absolutely True Story How I Visited Yellowstone Park with Temble Rupes – by Willo Davis Roberts 


   Twisted Summer – by Willo Davis Roberts 


   Megan's Island – by Willo Davis Roberts


   Galaxy Zack 1 Hello Nebulon – by Ray O'Ryan 


   The Critter Club 1 Amy & the Missing Puppy – by Callie Barkley 


   Heidi Heckelbeck Has a Secret – by Wanda Coven 


   Princess Ben – by Catherine Murdock 


   The Legend of Diamond Lil a J J Tully Mystery – by Doreen Cronin and Kevin Cornell 


   Chicken Squad The First Misadventure – by Doreen Cronin and Kevin Cornell 


   Chicken Squad Adventures The Case of the Weird Blue Chicken – by Doreen Cronin and Kevin Cornell  


   Inspektor Barney Opossum Unter Verdacht – by Doreen Cronin 


   The Book with No Pictures – by B. J. Novak 


   Mix it Up! – by Here Tullet 


   The Dot – by Peter H. Reynolds 


   Ish – by Peter H. Reynolds 


   The Island of Dr. Libris – by Chris Grabenstein