Fundraising Progress

Total Fundraising Goal: $361,934*

Review the FY20 Forecasted Revenue & Approved Expenditures

Where do PTA funds go?

What do our Foundation Funds Support?

$111,000 Fundraising Goal Allocation:

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 What do our Foundation Funds Support?

  • Funds raised for additional staffing at Abernethy are donated to The Fund for Portland Public Schools (formerly All Hands Raised)

  • After the first $10,000 donated, 1/3 of all additional funds allocated to an equity fund to help schools across the district.

  • The remaining funds are available for the Abernethy Principal to utilize for supplemental educational support.

  • Funds raised in 2019 enabled the addition of a full time instructional specialist and the addition of a 1st/2nd grade blended class, both focused on the core-more-more approach to literacy.

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*Budget excludes registration for Spanish and Basketball; both programs are led by PTA volunteers and break-even