One of the easiest ways to support Abernethy (and the environment) is by recycling redeemable cans and bottles through the BottleDrop program.

Blue BottleDrop bags are available from Ms. Quinn during library pickups on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11am-12:30pm at Abernethy.

The PTA also delivers blue BottleDrop redemption bags to your home! Simply email our BottleDrop coordinator with your address and the number of bags you'd like.

Fill the blue bag with your redeemable bottles and cans, and bring it to any BottleDrop site. Scan the sticker to unlock the door, drop in your bag, and you're done!


How do I sign up for BottleDrop?

There's no paperwork or signup required. Each blue bag has a sticker with a barcode unique to Abernethy.

How do I participate?

Fill the blue bag with your redeemable bottles and cans, and bring it to any BottleDrop site. Scan the sticker to unlock the door, drop in your bag, and you're done!

Where are the nearest BottleDrop sites?

There are two locations in our neighborhood, each on Hawthorne:

Safeway - the BottleDrop door is just inside the parking garage entrance on SE 27th Ave.

Fred Meyer - the standalone redemption center in the parking lot includes two BottleDrop doors.

Other locations may be found on the BottleDrop website.

Do I need to wait in line?

Dropping off at Safeway generally requires no wait - it's often possible to park one's car right next to the door.

At times, our community has encountered long lines and/or an overfull bag receptacle at Fred Meyer. 

How big are the bags?

Each bag fits in an 8- or 9-gallon wastebasket and typically holds 60-90 cans or bottles, depending upon their size.

What's the cost of the program?

Each bag costs the PTA $0.60 ($0.20 to purchase, $0.40 to process each redemption), so a bag with 80 cans/bottles ($8) will net Abernethy $7.40.