BOB Resources

General Information -
Quinn Sanford - Abernethy K-5 Librarian 
Laura Kohler - Parent BOB Organizer 
Megan Mishler - Parent BOB Organizer 

Oregon Battle of the Books official website 
OBOB info posted on the Cedar Mills Community Library website 
Multnomah County Library OBOB Grades 3-5 book availability

QUIZLET- an online quiz and study guide generator

Youtube video on OBOB rules

OBOB Reading Log for 2017-18 (doc) - assign books to team members and track progress

OBOB Practice Question Templates (pdf)
FAQ for Parents and Coaches (pdf)
Example of 'Round Robin' scoring sheet from a previous year of OBOB
Battle score sheet - official score sheet that coaches use to track points during battles
Official OBOB Handbook - general info on BOB, including battle rules