*** Abernethy Spanish Program is on hold for the 2021-22 School Year. The program is led by a board of parent volunteers; we strongly encourage you to participate as a board member if you would like to see Spanish return. We will likely ask for volunteers via school-wide announcement in early 2022. ***

History of the Spanish Program

From 1989 to 2005, the Spanish Program was an extracurricular opportunity offered to students at Edwards Elementary School. The program moved to Abernethy in 2005 when the schools were consolidated. A Spanish Board comprised of parent volunteers contracts with Spanish teachers and guides the program. It is a self-supported program; proceeds from tuition cover teacher payroll, building fees and materials. Unused funds are transferred to the Abernethy PTA general fund at the end of the school year. 

Program Goals

  1. To teach children basic Spanish vocabulary and beginning conversational Spanish skills.
  2. To familiarize students with Spanish speaking cultures and encourage interest in various cultures and peoples.

To accomplish these goals, teachers will maximize children’s exposure to Spanish through a variety of activities including music, art, dance, movement, and more traditional academic learning activities. The Spanish Program is intended as an enrichment activity; it is not an immersion program.

Teachers and Curriculum

The Spanish Program’s lead teachers are either native Spanish speakers or have lived and studied abroad. They integrate their knowledge of different cultures into their language instruction. Teachers will email parents once a month with updates and information about what is being covered in class. In January and May, teachers will complete a progress report for each student that will be sent to parents. If a parent has a concern, comment or question, he/she is encouraged to speak with the lead teacher first and then involve a member of the Spanish Board.

In cooperation with the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Portland State University and other area colleges, students with backgrounds in Spanish serve as teaching assistants. They work alongside lead teachers to provide classroom support and gain experience working in an educational setting.

Class Schedules

Students attend classes mornings before school, from 8:00 to 8:40 a.m.   Kindergarten students either attend class on Mondays only, or if they have an older sibling they attend may attend class the same days as their sibling two mornings a week, from 8:00 to 8:40 a.m. on Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday. Classes begin Monday, September 30 for Kindergarten students, October 1 for the Tuesday/Wednesday group and October 3 for the Thursday/Friday group. After Spanish class students go directly to their regular classrooms.

Classes follow the school calendar. There are no classes on any day school is not in session. 

Classes end for the school year on Thursday, May 7.


The evening of Thursday, May 7 is dedicated to our Fiesta in which classes demonstrate some of what they've learned during the year to family and friends.

Tuition and Payment

Yearly tuition is $295. You will be able to pay online at the end of the registration process.

If you wish to withdraw your child, please let us know as soon as possible as there is often a wait list. The last day to request a refund is Friday, October 25th.


To be eligible for financial assistance, students must qualify for free or reduced price student meals offered by Portland Public Schools. Indicate your request for financial assistance by sending an email to

Family Commitment

Students are expected to attend classes regularly, arrive on time and participate in class activities and assignments. Parents are responsible for making sure their children arrive on time to their assigned classroom. The Spanish Program is only responsible for students once they are in the classroom. Visitors and volunteers are always welcome!

Student Conduct

Students are expected to meet the behavior standards of their Spanish teachers. If an issue arises, the teacher will discuss it with the student’s parent, and the teacher and parent will work quickly together towards a solution. If an issue persists and consistently disrupts the learning/progress of others in the classroom, the student may be asked to leave the program. In the event this happens, no refund will be given.

Registration Process

Given the popularity of the Spanish program, all registrations and payments must be submitted online (below) or turned in to the Abernethy Office no later than Friday, September 6.

Students are grouped in classes by grade level (Kindergarten, Kindergarten/1st grade, 2nd/3rd grade, 4th/5th grade). There are a limited number of spaces available. Students who participated in the program last year and their siblings are assigned to classes first. Students who are new to the program (and their siblings, if applicable) will be chosen by lottery to fill the remaining spaces. If space is still available in the Kindergarten/1st grade classes after these assignments are made, 1st graders will be chosen by lottery first and then Kindergartners. We will notify you and refund your payment if there is not sufficient space for your child in the program.

Parents will be informed of their child’s class placement by email and by a letter sent home with your child during the week of September 23.

For questions contact Corinna Horsell 503-267-0879 or Abby Bush 914-523-0817 or


To register for Spanish classes complete the following two steps:

Step 1: Complete this class preference form

Step 2: Submit a payment by clicking the "Pay for Spanish" icon below.

A receipt of the payment will be sent to you by email.

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