BOB Teams

2018-19 REGISTRATION IS OPEN- (SCROLL DOWN if you have your team all ready for registration!)

Each BOB team is composed of 4 members*.  Members can be any student at Abernethy Elementary in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. Teams can be mixed ages, grades and gender. Teams are assembled independently by students and parent coaches; they are not assigned by anyone. *There is room for a 5th, or alternate team member, but as only 4 members can compete in a battle, teams with over 4 members means less battle time per member.

Please encourage kids to find teammates among their peers as a first step. 
Often, students will begin talking in class and in library about who is on who's team. This can get confusing, so it's helpful to organize your team as early as possible.  Encourage your child to find teammates they work well with and then brainstorm about a coach! 


We are trying a Team-finder Google Form this year. You can submit your child's info if they're looking for a team OR you can submit your info if you have a couple students that you have already committed to coaching and you are looking for another member or two. Once we get your info, we'll send you the link to the spreadsheet.

Here is the link for the form. (Let us know if you cannot access the responses-it's a work in progress.)

Closer to November, if you need help finding or forming a team, please provide your child's name, grade, and teacher in an email to


Please ensure your team is fully formed with a designated adult coach before registering. Coaches complete one registration form per team and pay the $25 fee.  The funds go directly to purchasing extra sets of OBOB titles for the Abernethy Library. 

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