FAQ: Can home-schoolers join our teams? YES! November 5, 2015 21:33

If you know a home-schooled or virtual-schooled friend or neighbor who would like to join your team, that totally works!

Here is the language directly from Oregon Battle of the Books:

Who competes at the Regional OBOB battles?

> Any school registered in OBOB may send one team per division to their Regional competition. Grant recipients must participate and compete.

> Students must participate with the school in which they are registered. Teams may not be made up of students from more than one school.

> Students who are currently homeschooled may participate in OBOB as a member of a school team within the public school attendance boundaries of the school in which the student's parents reside (as per ORS 339.460 section B, part f). Homeschooled students may not, however, form a team on their own. Homeschooled students wishing to participate in OBOB should contact their local school library for OBOB-related class and/or practice requirements (ORS 339.60, Sec B(e). Homeschooled students may be placed on a school OBOB team at the local level following the same procedures and guidelines used for traditional students. Students enrolled in virtual schools will follow the same guidelines as homeschooled participants. Oregon Battle of the Books