FAQ: What are the battle rules like? January 14, 2016 21:56

We have the official OBOB handbook that includes a section on battle rules!

Here is a snapshot of some key rules:

  • Each team designates one spokesperson for the battle and only that spokesperson can respond to the questions.  If another team member starts to answer, the team can lose those points!
  • Once the question is asked, the team has 15 seconds to huddle and agree on the answer the spokesperson will give.  The answer can be given when the team agrees, but must be stated when time is called.  If there is any stalling or continued discussion, the judge will turn to the other team and ask them the question.
  • The team can ask to have the question repeated, but this will be part of the 15 seconds allotted to answer.
  • The "in which book" questions need to have the full book title and author name given as provided on the OBOB books lists (bookmarks in library, our home page, OBOB website).  These need to be pronounced correctly.  You can listen to author names at teachingbooks.net.  Teams will receive 3 points for the correct title or author, and then the remaining 2 points for title or author.  If either is incorrect, the other team will have an opportunity to get those points.
  • The content questions are 5 points and are only split into 3 points and 2 points if a two-part question is asked.  If it is not a two-part question, the opportunity is for the full 5 points for a complete answer.  If answer is not correct, the other team will have an opportunity to answer and get the points.
  • The judge will ask if there are any challenges at the end of the battle.  If yes, the team has 15 seconds to state the challenge.  If accepted, the team is given 2 minutes to find the information in the book for the judge to review and make a final decision.