OBOB Team Registration Open until 11/15 November 1, 2016 22:00

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Abernethy BOB registration Opens October 17th, 2018. Following are the steps taken by teams and coaches:

1.  Kids form teams of 4-5 members (those looking to join a team, or teams looking to add members can talk to their teachers.  If you are still looking to join or complete by early November, email so we can help make connections;

2.  Each team picks at least one designated adult coach;

3.  The team chooses a name;

4.  The lead coach goes to the Abernethy BOB Teams page to register the team and pay the $25 fee (one registration form is completed per team);

5.  Registration complete!  Now the team can get down to reading, meeting, and having fun participating in this enriching activity.

FAQ: What are the battle rules like? January 14, 2016 21:56

We have the official OBOB handbook that includes a section on battle rules!

Here is a snapshot of some key rules:

  • Each team designates one spokesperson for the battle and only that spokesperson can respond to the questions.  If another team member starts to answer, the team can lose those points!
  • Once the question is asked, the team has 15 seconds to huddle and agree on the answer the spokesperson will give.  The answer can be given when the team agrees, but must be stated when time is called.  If there is any stalling or continued discussion, the judge will turn to the other team and ask them the question.
  • The team can ask to have the question repeated, but this will be part of the 15 seconds allotted to answer.
  • The "in which book" questions need to have the full book title and author name given as provided on the OBOB books lists (bookmarks in library, our home page, OBOB website).  These need to be pronounced correctly.  You can listen to author names at  Teams will receive 3 points for the correct title or author, and then the remaining 2 points for title or author.  If either is incorrect, the other team will have an opportunity to get those points.
  • The content questions are 5 points and are only split into 3 points and 2 points if a two-part question is asked.  If it is not a two-part question, the opportunity is for the full 5 points for a complete answer.  If answer is not correct, the other team will have an opportunity to answer and get the points.
  • The judge will ask if there are any challenges at the end of the battle.  If yes, the team has 15 seconds to state the challenge.  If accepted, the team is given 2 minutes to find the information in the book for the judge to review and make a final decision.

FAQ: Can home-schoolers join our teams? YES! November 5, 2015 21:33

If you know a home-schooled or virtual-schooled friend or neighbor who would like to join your team, that totally works!

Here is the language directly from Oregon Battle of the Books:

Who competes at the Regional OBOB battles?

> Any school registered in OBOB may send one team per division to their Regional competition. Grant recipients must participate and compete.

> Students must participate with the school in which they are registered. Teams may not be made up of students from more than one school.

> Students who are currently homeschooled may participate in OBOB as a member of a school team within the public school attendance boundaries of the school in which the student's parents reside (as per ORS 339.460 section B, part f). Homeschooled students may not, however, form a team on their own. Homeschooled students wishing to participate in OBOB should contact their local school library for OBOB-related class and/or practice requirements (ORS 339.60, Sec B(e). Homeschooled students may be placed on a school OBOB team at the local level following the same procedures and guidelines used for traditional students. Students enrolled in virtual schools will follow the same guidelines as homeschooled participants. Oregon Battle of the Books

FAQ; What do we do if we lose or switch a member? November 5, 2015 21:08

Good Question!

This was one of those unexpected 'bumps in the road' that we have encountered since we took on the job of organizing Abernethy BOB. 

As long as your team still has a coach, a team name, and has paid and registered online you will not need to make any changes online. What  you do need to do is send us an email notifying us of any member changes, so we can follow up on the back end, and alter the registration forms that we have. 

You can reach Megan, Laura, and Quinn at our shared account

OBOB Junior (2nd graders) October 6, 2015 17:15

For those of you with 2nd graders who are eager to get involved with Battle of the Books, GOOD NEWS!

Quinn will be incorporating a BOB "Junior" lessons into her library classes for 2nd graders! This will give next year's participants hands-on experience reading, discussing and battling in the Battle of the Books style!



Oregon Battle of the Books Blog May 24, 2015 15:14

Welcome to the BOBlog!

We wanted to create a forum where all Abernethy coaches and parents have access to all things BOB; information, upcoming events, FAQs, and resource sharing.

It will be moderated by Megan Mishler & Laura Kohler as the parent organizers of Abernethy OBOB.  If you have questions or suggestions, please email